Effective abs training at home: reality or fiction?

How to draw abs by exercising at home

The abdominal muscles are a sacred group that can be worked out in the gym and at home, hoping to lose weight, gain mass, and make a relief. The abs are especially hard before the beach season.

Boys and girls want a flat stomach instead of a hanging belly. Some train to exhaustion, others buy simulators and, sitting in front of the TV set, “intensely” prepare to conquer the azure shores.

The second is of little help. The first stubbornness is more than enough, but lacks knowledge. If you want to finally see those very muscles, read the article and find out how to train the abs at home and get a flat stomach.

Why at home and not in the gym? How to draw abs faster?

The workout limit is 45-60 minutes. All that is more triggers the destruction of muscle tissue. Catabolic hormones are spilled into the blood, and this reduces the return on training.

Each exercise takes time, but you need to have time to bulk everything. Therefore, some groups have to be kicked out of the training split, primarily the abs. Features of the abdominal muscles allow you to carry out a training on the abs at home and get the result no worse than from training in the gym.

You don’t need machines or plates to train the abdominal muscles. It’s more convenient with them, but without inventory, the restrictions concern only the number of available exercises.

Abdominal muscle function

The abs are not only the front of the abdomen with cubes. This group consists of 4 separate muscles:

  • The rectus abdominis muscle. Twists the chest to the pelvis and vice versa.
  • External oblique. Attracts the lateral part of the chest to the pelvis. Turns the housing.
  • Inner oblique. Flexes the spine in the belt. Participates in turns.
  • Transverse muscle. Retracts the stomach.

Where do the abs come from? All people have them, with rare exceptions. They are formed due to tendons that pull the rectus abdominis muscle length and breadth. Normally there are 6, but there are athletes with 8 or even 10 dice. The number is determined genetically, so you can’t add cubes. Humble yourself.

Upper ab workouts: the best exercises for abdominal muscles

The home abs workout program needs to be made up of exercises that work out the entire muscle group. The main thing is that the selected movements correspond to the functions of the abdominal muscles.

The main exercises for the abs is twisting. Who did the body lifts, noticed that on the last sets the legs hurt, but not the target muscle. The fact is that lifts are not twists. In some exercises, you do not even need to tear your lower back off the floor.

To pump the target group, 4-5 exercises are enough: direct and reverse twisting, lifting the pelvis lying on the side, dumbbell pull on the side with one hand, lifting the legs in the hanger.

In home workouts, for girls are effective slats that load the core muscles with a static load.

Upper Ab Exercises Technique

Straight twisting. Lie on the floor, bend your knees. Push the feet under the stop, for example, under a chair. Clasp your hands into the lock on the back of your head, spread your elbows to the sides. On the exhale, twist the body to the pelvis, starting from the head, then tearing the shoulder blades and the upper part of the belt from the floor. When you inhale, lower back in a controlled way and repeat the twist without delay.

Reverse twisting. Lying on the floor, bend your knees, emphasis in this case is not required. Place your hands along the body. As you exhale, twist your pelvis to your chest, trying to reach your knees with it. On inspiration, smoothly return to the starting position.

Lift of the pelvis lying on its side. Lying on the side, rest on the floor with the forearm of the lower hand. The pelvis continues to lie. Put your upper arm along the body or wrap it behind your head. From this position, lift the pelvis until the body forms a single line. After that, return to the starting position and repeat the climb.

One-handed dumbbell pull. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart. In one hand, take a heavy dumbbell and stretch along the body. At the exit, perform a lateral tilt towards the arm with weights, and then return to the starting position. After a series of repetitions, do the same to the second side.

Raises the legs in the hang. For this exercise you will need a crossbar. After hanging on it, lift the straight legs to the horizontal bar, then slowly take them back. Avoid rocking so that inertia does not remove the load from the abs.

Whatever exercise program for the press you use at home, whatever exercise you practice, know that by training the press you expand your waist. This can be avoided by performing a vacuum. Due to the training of the diaphragm and the transverse muscle, the waist contracts, decreasing in volume.

Vacuum . After releasing air from the lungs, pull the abdomen under the chest and fix for 10-30 seconds. Take a breath and repeat the exercise 5-10 times. Perform a vacuum in the morning on an empty stomach.

How to draw abs: the program for training abs at home

Whatever muscle group you train, always start with a warm-up. To warm up, jump on a skipping rope or, if available, use a cardio simulator. Next, stretch your lower back, and then proceed to training.

  • Straight twists – 5 * 15-25.
  • Reverse twists – 5 * 15-25.
  • Raises the pelvis lying on its side – 5 * 20-30.
  • Raising the legs in the hang – 4 * 10-15.
  • Dumbbell traction with one hand on the side – 4 * 20-30.

Do not do more than 20-30 repetitions in the set, otherwise it is not muscle size that increases, but their endurance. If 30 repetitions are not enough, use extra weight. Between sets, rest for 30-60 seconds.

It is recommended to train the abs at home for men and women no more than 2-3 times a week. The muscle needs time to recover.

Do you want 11 abs? Burn fat

Yes, no matter how good the training program for the abs at home may be, you cannot see the desired abs unless you put the food in order. Do not eat flour, sweets, fast food, limit the intake of fats. Try to eat 70-80% of the daily amount of carbohydrates in the first half of the day, leave the proteins for the second half.


Competent home workout for the abs is not the main thing for a raised abdomen. First of all, reduce body fat. If the abdominal muscle is thin and inexpressive, exercise hard. To make sense of the exercises, remember: the function of the abs is not lifting, but twisting.